MOZE 3.0

MOZE - 最美記帳
MOZE 是一款個人記帳軟體,擁有美麗的界面並非常注重用戶體驗,致力於將記帳變成你的生活習慣。

目前使用时间最长的记账软件,分期付款和信用卡积分管理很不错。之前用过 MoneyWiz,那玩意感觉太复杂,不是给我这种轻度用户使用的。MOZE 3.0 算是 iOS 上最好的记账软件吧。

‎MOZE 3.0
MOZE is a personal expense tracker which has a beautiful interface and focus on user-experience. We want all of you to build a habit of tracking your daily expense. ----- Tracking the expense is just the first step for your financial management. Everyone should have a comprehensive view of their …
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